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    About Uer

    Ten years of ingenuity, focus on the development and production of glass scratch repair tools.

    Tianjin Uerglass Technology

    Tianjin Uerglass Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on the R&D and production of Glass scratch repair tools for ten year's exploration and efforts. Our company has supported more comprehensive repair products and repair solutions for all kinds of clients with rich industry experience, solutions of a variety of glass repair scratches and high-quality professional R&D personnel.


    Repair product creator and
    industry brand leader


    The 10 years brand development


    More than 2000 users choices


    Export to more than 20 countries and regions

    Industry leader

    Our products and technologies can simply, quickly, economically and perfectly repair all kinds of defects on any glass surface (such as scratches, glass alkalify, acid corrosion, white fog after tempering, even graffiti and welding slag scald, etc.).
    Uers’ always keep to the business principle of “quality, innovation and service” and stick to the road of differentiated business development.

    Company Course







    Hand in hand, straight forward

    Our company seeks to create a century-old brand of Uer, relying on talents and adhering to the corporate philosophy of “good faith, acuity, responsibility, collaboration, innovation, harmony, and win-win”.
    Please feel free to contact us if you know well and recognize our products, have some distribution channels, and can provide customers with perfect services. Welcome your cooperation in the market gap.
    For specific business cooperation, please contact the Marketing Department!

    Repair Cases

    • Welding slag scald glass(Before)

      Welding slag scald glass(Before)

    • Welding slag scald glass(After)

      Welding slag scald glass(After)

    • Toughened glass(Before)

      Toughened glass(Before)

    • Toughened glass(After)

      Toughened glass(After)

    • Polishing


    • After


    • Motor car glass(Before)

      Motor car glass(Before)

    • Motor car glass(After)

      Motor car glass(After)

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