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    Uerglass---Glass scratch repair specialist

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    Instruction Manual of Glass Scratch Repair Kit (2016)
    Instruction Manual of Glass Scratch Repair Kit (2018)
    Demo video of Glass Scratch Repair Kit (2018)


    1.What’s the principle of repair?

    Answer: This glass scratch repair kit adopts the principle of repair of “grinding followed by polishing”. Taking the most common type of glass scratches for example, we use 1# grinding sheet for coarse grinding then use 2# grinding sheet for fine grinding; next, we use a polishing pad and water for polishing. When polishing ends, repair is complete. If scratches are more serious, all the steps stay unchanged except that we need extend coarse grinding; if scratches are shadow, all the steps stay unchanged except that we skip coarse grinding; if scratches are more shadow, all we need is polishing. This kitis characterized by simple operation, high efficiency, a good effect, a long life of grinding sheets, and no pollution. 

    2. What’s the difference between this kit and the felt wheel our factory are using? Our polishing powder can repair scratches, too. What advantages does your product have?

    Our polishing powder can repair scratches, too. What advantages does your product have?

    Answer: This glass scratch repair kit consists of two grinding sheets and a polishing pad. Customers can choose the size from 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches as they need. Grinding sheets of 2 or 3 inches can finish repair efficiently in a simple way; and grinding sheets of 4, 5, or 6 inches is excellent in repairing serious scratches or welding burns because they can expand the repair area. Cerium oxide polishing powder adopted by factories is mostly for beveling machine, and such device-specific polishing powder is used at high temperature, high pressure, and a high speed. In contrast, our polishing pad with a cerium oxide coating specially designed for manual operation is used at low temperature, low pressure, and a low speed, simpler to operate and more efficient.
    Facing scratches, the most common method factories adopt is using polishing powder for beveling machine plus a felt wheel to polish the scratch region. If scratches are a bit serious, it takes longer to polish the scratch region. Factories can only rely on polishing because they don’t have a grinding process. Polishing powder does not have a shearing force, so workers have to polish the same site for a long time in order to repair scratches there. In this case, an obvious pit, i.e. deformation, is probably left in the repair area, which can hardly be controlled. Over polishing powder used by factories, our kit containing grinding sheets has two advantages: One is higher efficiency because it can get scratches off quickly through coarse grinding; the other is that deformation is in control when out kit is used because grinding expands the scratch region. Summing up the above, using our glass scratch repair kit can repair glass scratches quickly in a perfect way.

    3.Will the repair of deep scratches with your glass scratch repair kit cause optical distortion?

    Answer: Most distortion is caused by pits left where serious scratches are repaired. Imagine that some part of intact glass sags. There must be obvious deformation. However, the same pit expanded in area will be quite gradual and difficult to see from the front. It might be observed when seen carefully from one side or from a nearly horizontal angle. When you use a grinding sheet of 2 or 3 inches contained in our product for repairing general or shadow glass scratches, you can hardly see deformation. Facing a bit serious scratches or welding slag and burns, you may consider the use of a grinding sheet of 4, 5, or 6 inches for repair. The larger the diameter of grinding sheet is, the bigger the grinded area is andthe better the effect of repair is. This is because a bigger grinding sheet expands the grinded area, making the repair area much gentler.

    4.Do I need to take training before using this kit? What’s the reason the polished area looks dark? Why brightness is uneven in the polished area?

    What’s the reason the polished area looks dark? Why brightness is uneven in the polished area?

    Answer: To be clear, we will send a video demoing the use of this kit by WeChat. If you don’t receive this video after buying our product, you can ask for it. This 2018 glass scratch repair kit is easy to learn and operate because there are only two grinding processes and one polishing process. The first grinding process is to get scratches off; the second grinding process is to replace coarse grinding marks with fine grinding marks, for ease of polishing; the last step is polishing. The following are problems needing attention: 1. Keep the grinding sheet totally in contact with glass and not askew to avoid deformation, darkness, and fine lines after polishing. 2. Before polishing, obverse grinding marks carefully and make sure that fine grinding marks cover coarse grinding marks. These two kinds of marks are different, the former exquisite and the latter rough. 3. During polishing, add water to keep the polished area moisture. Observe the repair effect against light. If the effect is satisfactory, repair is complete; if the effect is not very satisfactory at individual sites, continue polishing till the acceptance standard is reached. 4. If the repair effect is not obvious after polishing, you should repeat coarse grinding, fine grinding, and polishing processes in cycle till the acceptance standard is reached. 5. Sometimes brightness is uneven in the repair area. This is because grinding and polishing are in place at the center but not in place around. The right solution is to ensure the fine grinding area is bigger than the coarse grinding area and smaller than the polishing area. Alternatively, you can contact our salesman in time. And we will offer guidance on phone or in WeChat video chatting to ensure you can master the usage of this kit. 

    5.What’s the repair efficiency? Won’t it be a heavy waste of time to change the grinding sheet? Do you have any more efficient products?

    1. This kit can repair a 5 cm long general scratch in 3–5 minutes.
    2. The grinding sheet and tray both adopting magic tape are easy to change. To repair shadow scratches needs 2# grinding sheet and the polishing pad; to repair serious scratches needs 1# grinding sheet for fine grinding, 2# grinding sheet for coarse grinding, and the polishing pad. They both are simple and quick.
    3.We are still working on a simpler and more efficient glass scratch repair kit which will use a kind of material excellent both in grinding and in polishing. Quick grinding requires many large particles and quick polishing requires fine grinding. To find such a material, we need keep testing. Our technical department is working in this direction. Let’s look forward to a new breakthrough!

    6.Why water is unnecessary in grinding but necessary in polishing?

    1. In the 2018 glass scratch repair kit, grinding sheets are of dry grinding type, for the sake of quickness and high efficiency. Water is not needed in grinding.
    2.Unlike the 2018 glass scratch repair kit using the polishing pad, the previous kits use felt wheels plus polishing paste for polishing. After polishing, many white marks of polishing paste remain in the repair area, polluting surrounding walls or furniture, if the repaired glass is in a well-decorated room. Besides, polishing paste cannot be transported by air. To make operation easier, avoid environmental pollution, and enhance the polishing efficiency, we coat a pad in polishing powder that can be used for polishing immediately with water. Water is essential because polishing powder cannot work without it. Polishing pads offer convenience for customers who have an urgent need and who stay abroad. They can be transported to customers fast by air.

    7.Can this kit repair scratches on tempered glass?

    Answer: Sure, it can. In fact, it is easier to repair scratches on tempered glass. During repair, grinding makes temperature at the grinded area rise gradually. Untempered glass may burst when heated to a certain degree. But tempered glass won’t burst because it is more tolerant towards the temperature difference between cold and hot. Thus, we say it’s easier to repair tempered glass. Pay attention to temperature control when you repair untempered glass. Stop operation before glass is too hot to touch. Do not continue until glass temperature drops to room temperature.

    8.Does repair destroy the stress of tempered glass? Will glass detonate?

    Answer: Tempered glass detonates spontaneously due to the stones, crash, or nickel sulfide crystals inside or due to bursts and deep chips. Scratch repair does change itsthickness but such change is not so serious as the above causes of spontaneous detonation. Consequence unknown, the repair of very serious burns (e.g., the depth of burn is one quarter of the glass thickness) is an exception. For this reason, repairing general scratches is safe, without an impact on the stability of tempered glass. Please feel free to use the kit.   

    9.What are limits to the length and depth of scratches it can repair?

    Answer: 1. This kit adopts the principle of repair of “grinding followed by polishing”. Grinding has two steps: coarse grinding and fine grinding. Coarse grinding, which fine grinding and polishing follows, is to get scratches off. Since the sheet for coarse grinding has big grinding particles, the grinding efficiency is very high. Taking an example, a 5 cm long scratch left by a stones or sand can be got off basically in 1 minute. Facing more serious scratches or burning by welding slag, you need only extend coarse grinding before fine grinding and polishing. Thus, the kit can repair all scratches no matter how serious they are.
    2. The kit can repair all scratches no matter how deep they are. Not to mention the length. If scratches are too long, we advise you repair them in segments.

    10.How many square meters of scratches can a kit repair?

    Answer: In most cases, scratches on glass are distributed irregularly. A piece of glass may have one scratch or several. Even if there are multiple scratches, it is not necessary repairing the entire piece of glass because that solution is not so cost-effective as replacing. Plus, scratches differ in depth. Anyway, such unit of measurement as square meter is false. We can only introduce the depth of cut left by another piece of glass or by sand. For a 5 cm long general scratch (left by another piece of glass or by sand), a kit (1 coarse grinding sheet, 1 fine grinding sheet, and 1 polishing pad)can repair more than 10 scratch point (each point is roughly priced at RMB 2.7). However, its ability to repair serious scratches like burning by spot welding slag cannot be estimated because both severity of scratches and the acceptance requirement are unknown. 

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    1, 目前大多數玻璃加工企業對于劃痕的修理辦法基本就是用羊毛輪加氧化鈰拋光粉(那種磚紅色的拋光粉)進行拋光,如果修復的劃痕比較淺,采用這個辦法修復還是有效果的,但是耗用時間比較長,一般十幾分鐘到幾十分鐘,并且在修復結束后會留下一個比較明顯的凹坑,有可能在正面都可能會看到。原因就是拋光粉的剪切力比較低,想盡快的將某個位置的劃痕修掉,就要比較長時間的停留在那個位置研磨,所以修復后在那個位置就會出現凹坑。因為這個修復位置的玻璃厚度突然比旁邊的玻璃厚度要降低,所以凹坑就明顯了。但是我們的專業型玻璃劃痕修復套裝(或者是基本型玻璃劃痕修復套裝)就能有效的控制這個問題。我們在修復劃痕之前,首先要了解驗收標準,直視不能發現變形和45度角以內不能發現變形的修復方法是不一樣的;對于一條劃痕來講,它的深度是固定的,不管是10微米還是50微米,我們要想修復劃痕就要研磨到這個深度,研磨的區域越大,修復的劃痕位置的變形就會越小,就不會是突然間出現凹坑,而是很平緩的從淺到深的過渡。具體操作方法就是:確?烧{速角磨機的檔速是在1檔上,使用綠色磨片,粘在相應的研磨底托上,磨片要與玻璃充分、完全接觸,不要傾斜,注意噴水,經常查看研磨情況,研磨一會兒就擦干凈,透過光查看劃痕是否被研磨掉了,如果沒有,繼續研磨,直到劃痕被研磨掉為止。當查看到劃痕被研磨片研磨掉后,換粉紅色磨片,研磨的區域要將綠色的研磨區域覆蓋掉,并比綠色研磨區域擴大出5mm~10mm,以此類推,注意觀察研磨情況,一定要全部將前一道的研磨痕跡覆蓋。最后進行拋光。第一次的研磨是為了將劃痕去除,接下來的研磨是為后面拋光打基礎,同時將劃痕的位置有效的展開了,然后拋光。如果是深劃痕,修復的要求比較高,可以將研磨的區域擴展的更大,擴展的研磨區域越大光畸變越不明顯,當然,成本也相應的增加。我們的拋光膏不同于前面提到的磚紅色的拋光粉,我們這種拋光膏有著很強的剪切力,拋光很快。經過以上幾個程序,一個劃痕就修復完成了。
    2, 如果是一個比較深的劃痕,一般就會因為沒有辦法修或者因花費工時太長而放棄,整塊玻璃就報廢了。而我們的這套劃痕修復套裝是使用分級的研磨辦法,第一級的磨片比較粗,是35μ的,可以很快將劃痕磨掉,不管是多深的劃痕,在我們的修復視頻上可以看到,最深的劃痕是由36目的砂輪片制造的,是一般情況下玻璃廠里面很不容易產生的。經過粗磨、精磨、拋光以后,劃痕的位置又恢復到了明亮如新。所以,對于我們這兩套產品來講,無論任何劃痕、瑕疵都是完全修復的。


    1, 毛道修復,不會產生光畸變:
    3, 深劃痕修復,可有效控制畸變。









    1, 對玻璃和磨片降溫,在研磨過程中玻璃會因為研磨而發熱,適當加水會為玻璃有效降溫,防止玻璃過熱而炸裂;另外,磨片也不能過熱,過熱會導致磨片上的金剛石顆粒同磨片分離,影響研磨效果和磨片壽命;
    2, 沖刷研磨過程中的玻璃粉末,研磨過程中研磨片和玻璃摩擦會出現很多玻璃粉末,應該及時清理,最好的辦法就是用水進行沖刷,及時沖刷,有利于確保是磨片的顆粒在對玻璃進行研磨,而不是研磨剛剛研磨下來的玻璃粉末;同時對劃痕修復進度可以及時了解;同時還能防止過度研磨而導致的磨片浪費;
    3, 增加剪切力,沒有水有時磨片會在玻璃上打滑,起不到很好的研磨作用;

    1, 研磨下來的玻璃粉末不能及時、有效的清除,造成的后果就是降低研磨效率和磨片的浪費;
    2, 不能控制玻璃和磨片的溫度,造成玻璃炸裂的危險和使磨片上的金剛石顆粒脫落,造成浪費;







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